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Commands & Permissions


📋 Aliases: /redeemablecodes, /redeemablecode, rc

  1. /rc new [Integer/String] - Create a new redeemable code.
  • You can either use an Integer argument in order to create a random code (length is the Integer), or a String argument to create a code with the name of your String.
  • Example: /rc new Christmas would create a new code called "Christmas" which can be redeemed using /redeem Christmas.
  1. /rc delete [Code] - Deletes a redeemable code.
  2. /rc addcmd [Code] [Command] - Add a new command to the redeemable code.
  • Placeholders to be used in commands: $player, $x, $y, $z
  • Example: /rc addcmd Christmas broadcast $player just bought the Christmas package! would add a broadcast command to the "Christmas" code.
  1. /rc delcmd [Code] [Command ID] - Delete a command from the redeemable code.
  • You can view the Command ID by using /rc inspect [Code].
  1. /rc inspect [Code] - View all information about a redeemable code.
  2. /rc secure [Code] [Player] - Secure a redeemable code to one or multiple players.
  3. /rc uses [Code] [Integer/Infinite] - Set the max amount of uses for a redeemable code.
  • The [Integer] argument must be a positive integer value. If you want infinite uses use "Infinite".
  • By default, codes have one use only and will disappear after someone has redeemed the code.
  1. /rc copy [Code] [New Code Length (Integer)] [Amount (Integer)] - Makes an exact copy of the provided code.
  • The [New Code Length] argument decides how big newly generated codes will be and must be a positive integer.
  • The [Amount] argument decides how many copies of the code will be made and must be a positive integer.
  1. /rc perm-based [Code] [Boolean] - Makes the code only be redeemable if the player has a specific permission (Check command 10).
  • The [Boolean] argument must be either true or false.
  1. /rc setperm [Code] [String] - Sets the permission required in order for the code to be redeemed (Check command 9).
  • The [String] argument must be a permission node (e.g
  • Example: /rc setperm Christmas would make the "Christmas" code only be redeemable by players that have the permission "".
  1. /rc list - Lists all available redeemable codes.
  2. /rc reload - Reload the plugin configuration (Does not load in manually added codes, you can find information about this here!).
  3. /rc version - View the plugin's version/if updates are available.
  4. /rc purge - CONSOLE ONLY Deletes all redeemable codes.
  5. /forceredeem [Code] [Player] [Boolean] - Forcefully redeems (makes code's commands run for the given player), without considering any other code traits like permissions, secured etc.
  • The [Boolean] argument must be either true or false and decides if uses for the code are going to be depleted or not.
  1. The command to redeem codes is editable through the configuration.


  1. rc.commands - Access to RedeemableCodes's commands/menu.
  2. rc.redeem - Access to the redeem commands.
  3. - Access to /rc new.
  4. rc.addcmd - Access to /rc addcmd.
  5. rc.delcmd - Access to /rc delcmd.
  6. rc.inspect - Access to /rc inspect.
  7. - Access to /rc secure.
  8. rc.amount - Access to /rc uses.
  9. rc.bulk - Access to /rc copy
  10. rc.permbased - Access to /rc perm-based.
  11. rc.setperm - Access to /rc setperm.
  12. rc.list - Access to /rc list.
  13. rc.reload - Access to /rc reload.
  14. rc.version - Access to /rc version.
  15. - Shows the help menu.
  16. rc.forceredeem - Access to /forceredeem.