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Levels & Experience

Scyther offers a leveling and EXP system for harvester hoes.

You can gain EXP by harvesting crops, to modify how much EXP each crop gives you head over to config.yml, scroll down to the crop settings and modify the values hoeXPAutoSell and hoeXPAutoCollect. Keep in mind that the values can be Doubles (e.g 2.5)

Let's take a deeper look into levels.yml:

You can create an infinite amount of levels by simply adding another section, make sure that the next section number is one higher than the previous.

Each section requires some fields in order to function correctly, let's look at the one below and analyze it:

      requiredXP: 10.0
      - 'broadcast test1'
      - '[DROPMULT]:1'
      - '[SELLMULT]:1.1'
      - '[GLOW]:FALSE'

requiredXP: The EXP required to level up (go from Level 1 to Level 2)

commands: A list of commands that will be executed on level up (You can use the placeholder $player in commands)

perks: A list of harvester hoe modifiers that will be applied on level up.

The available perks are:

1. DROPMULT - Integers (e.g 1) Example: [DROPMULT]:1 will set the drop multiplier to x1.0.

2. SELLMULT - Doubles (e.g 1.1) Example: [SELLMULT]:1.1 will set the sell multiplier to x1.1.

3. MATERIAL - Material Enum Names (e.g STONE_HOE) Example: [MATERIAL]:STONE_HOE will set the harvester hoe material to a stone hoe. (Keep in mind that material names may differ based on your server version, google "material enum names (version) if you get errors).

📍 Note: If you want custom models (1.14+) just add "-(Custom Model Data)" e.g [MATERIAL]:STONE_HOE-502010

4. GLOW - Booleans (e.g TRUE, FALSE) Example: [GLOW]:TRUE will make the harvester hoe item glow.