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How to use translations

A: Copy the whole document and paste it inside UltimateAutoRestart's messages.yml file. In case of a full translation, you can copy the whole folder.

Translated Languages

  1. Traditional Chinese (繁體中文): (translated by himehina)
  2. Simplified Chinese (简体中文): (translated by poly000)
  3. Korean (한국어): (translated by Uriel7777)
  4. Greek (Ελληνικά): (translated by N0RSKA)
  5. German (Deutsch): (translated by N0RSKA)
  6. Dutch (Nederlands): (translated by Kjell) OUTDATED
  7. Swedish (Svenska): (translated by Jeboh) OUTDATED
  8. Danish (Dansk): (translated by Zuqi) OUTDATED
  9. Norwegian (Norge): (translated by Stax95/N0RSKA) OUTDATED
  10. Russian (Pусский): (translated by StoRMiX43)
  11. Romanian (Română): (translated by Mihai Cristian)
  12. Spanish (Español): (translated by Korinocho)
  13. Portguese (Português): (translated by Sty13)
  14. Polish (Polskie): (translated by PatrykEmilLibert)
  15. Bulgarian (Български): (translated by the_pro_113)