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Commands & Permissions


📋 Aliases: /ultimateautorestart, /uar, /ar, /autorestart

  1. /autorestart now [interval] - Triggers a restart at the provided interval (in seconds or "HOUR:MINUTE" format) as though it were scheduled.
  2. /autorestart delay [interval] - Delays the restart by the interval provided (in seconds or "HOUR:MINUTE" format).
  3. /autorestart stop - Stop the restart interval.
  4. /autorestart reload - Reload the plugin configuration.
  5. /autorestart version - View the plugin's version/if updates are available.


  1. - Access to /autorestart now
  2. uar.delay - Access to /autorestart delay
  3. uar.stop - Access to /autorestart stop
  4. uar.reload - Access to /autorestart reload
  5. uar.version - Access to /autorestart version
  6. uar.commands - Having this permission will show the admin menu and not the interval when using /autorestart.
  7. uar.notifydelay - Permission to get informed about a restart delay (useful for staff members). This may happen if you have configured UltimateAutoRestart to delay the restart if there are x players online at the time of the restart.

📍 Note: Players without permissions will be able to see the restart time when doing /ar, there's no explicit permission to view it, and /ar time is a command for admins.