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Terms and Conditions

1. Using my resources does not mean you own anything associated with them (code, packaged jar, art, threads on websites). You may not upload any of the beforementioned resources anywhere else, or attempt to sell them for your own profit. You may upload threads (not source or packaged jars) elsewhere only if permission has been granted. If you do get permission, just must link to the original pages on SpigotMC and Polymart.

2. You may not chargeback/refund purchases, the goods you have purchased are virtual and there is no way to for me receive them back in order to refund your money. Fraudulent refund attempts will get you reported on the platform you made the purchase on.

3. You may create addons/configurations for my resources and sell them. The pricing of your addons may not exceed 50% of the original resource's price. If you create an addon for a free resource, pricing may not exceed $5 (five USD). If you do create an addon, you must link to the original resource. If you feel like an exception should be made, contact me.

4. You may not poorly rate a plugin if you have not first contacted me about your issue and given me a sensible timeframe to resolve it. You may not post stack-traces in reviews or "keep stars hostage" until I add x feature.

5. You may request support on discord only, and only if you use server software/versions that are explicitly mentioned to be compatible with the resource.

6. You may only download resources via the platform you have purchased them on, requests to privately receive resources or transfer licenses to another account will be denied. You are responsible for your account on the plugin platforms, e.g getting banned means losing access to purchased resources.

These terms are final and non-negotiable, if you do not wish to abide by them you should not use or purchase my resources/services. Breaking them will result in being blacklisted from receiving support or using other related services that I offer.