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Discord Privacy Policy

๐Ÿ” Last Updated: 03/12/2023

The below information is applicable for interactions on the Norska Development Discord Server only.

1. Information We Collect

  • Your unique user identifiers on platforms where resources are available for purchase (e.g., SpigotMC, Polymart).
  • The name, date, and cost of the resources you have purchased.
  • Your email address and the PayPal transaction ID of your purchases.
  • Logs of your interactions with the bot and the information you provide to it.
  • Transcripts of support tickets (which you also receive).

2. Use of Information

  • Your unique user identifiers allow us to link your Discord account with platforms like SpigotMC and Polymart and prevent abuse.
  • We collect the names of resources you've purchased to provide personalized features and premium support privileges.
  • Email and PayPal Transaction IDs are stored for transaction history and support purposes.
  • Interaction logs are used for debugging purposes and to enhance functionality.
  • Transcripts are used for quality assurance purposes.

3. User Responsibilities

  • Providing accurate information when using features of the Bot (e.g., automatic resource verification).
  • Any abuse, such as providing false information, is prohibited and may result in a ban.

4. Data Removal

  • Due to the nature of affiliated information with real payments, certain data may not be removable.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

  • We may update this policy, and you will be notified of significant changes.

6. Contact Us

By using features on our Discord server, you acknowledge that you've read and understood this Privacy Policy.