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Creating Restart Entries

You can create as many restart schedules/entries as you want, even on the same day!

Restart entries must strictly follow this format, "(DAY);(HOUR);(MINUTE)", for example, "Monday;00;00".

Acceptable day values are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Daily.

Acceptable hour values are: 00-24

Acceptable minute values are: 00-59

Example configuration:

    - 'Monday;11;00'
    - 'Monday;23;00'
    - 'Friday;10;00'
    - 'Friday;22;00'

The above configuration will create 4 different restart entries which will restart your server twice on Mondays (at 11AM and 11PM) and twice on Fridays (at 10AM and 10PM).

Q: How do I restart my server every x hours?

A: Create restart entries with the same day but different hours, or add "ar now (hours in seconds)" to the commands that run after restart (check config.yml).

Q: How do I restart my server every daily?

A: Instead of creating a restart entry for every day of the week, you can use Daily. (example -> "Daily;05;00"), this will restart your server daily at 5 AM.