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Supported Plugins

If you don't see a plugin on the list and want compatibility added, contact me!

ShopGUI+ - Hook (Price Handler)
Essentials (worth.yml) - Hook (Price Handler)
CMI (worth.yml) - Hook (Price Handler)
OneStopShop - Hook (Price Handler)
GUIShop - Hook (Price Handler)
ZShop - Hook (Price Handler)
EconomyShopGUI - Hook (Price Handler)
DeluxeBazaar - Hook (Price Handler)
Shops (by Kiran) - Hook (Price Handler)
Autosell (by clip) - Hook (Price Handler)
LockettePro - Hook
AdvancedTowny - Hook
FactionsUUID (and FUUID-based forks) - Hook
IridiumSkyblock - Hook
EliteMasks - Hook
WildChests - Hook
AdvancedChests - Hook
CoreProtect - Hook
SuperBoosters - Hook
SuperiorSkyblock2 - Hook
Lands - Works
PlotSquared - Works
FabledSkyblock - Works
ASkyBlock - Works
BSkyBlock - Works
ModernLWC - Works
ChestShop - Works (This is not a price handler!)

📍 Note: Some plugins may not be mentioned here because they may not require code in order to be compatible with DeluxeSellwands, that does not mean they will not work with DeluxeSellwands. Plugins that have "Works" next to them have been tested.