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Commands & Permissions


  • /dw give [user] [tier] [value] [amount] <-s>
    • Give a withdrawable note to the user
    • [user] argument must be an online player
    • [tier] argument must be a valid item tier
    • [value] argument must be a positive integer or double
    • [amount] argument must be a positive integer
    • <-s> argument is optional; if used, it will silently give the note to the user
    • Example: /dw give N0RSKA exp_default 5000 5 -s will silently give user N0RSKA 5 withdrawable default exp items with 5,000 EXP each
    • Example: /dw give N0RSKA money_uncommon 100 5 -s will silently give user N0RSKA 5 withdrawable uncommon money notes with 100 balance each
  • /dsw search [keyword]
    • Search all of the log files for the provided keyword (if successful, a new file will be generated with all of the found items)
  • /dw reload
    • Reload the plugin configuration
  • /dw version
    • View the plugin's version and if updates are available
  • /dw debuginfo
    • View debug information

Note: Withdrawal commands for vault balance are defined in the config.yml of DeluxeWithdraw. For any other currency, it's handled by the addon plugin.

Admin Permissionsโ€‹

  • dw.admin
    • Access to admin menu and tab-completion
  • dw.admin.give
    • Access to give command
  • dw.admin.reload
    • Access to reload command
  • dw.admin.version
    • Access to version command
  • dw.admin.debuginfo
    • Access to debuginfo command
    • Access to search command

User Permissions - Usageโ€‹

  • dw.user.use
    • Access to use redeemable items
  • dw.user.create
    • Access to use create redeemable items
  • dw.user.bypass.worlds
    • Bypass disabled world limitations