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Purchase Links

📍 Purchasing Scyther guarantees lifetime downloads as long as the TOS are respected.

SpigotMC Purchase: Redirect (7.50 EUR)
Polymart Purchase: Redirect (7.50 EUR)

Terms and Conditions:

1. Due to the nature of this product (virtual, non-tangible), any refund requests will not be honored. Attempting to charge-back on a purchase will result in your license being permanently terminated. Your account will also be at risk of being banned from the platform on which the purchase was made on.

2. You may not claim this resource as your own, redistribute it, upload it on other websites or give it to 3rd party members. The license you purchase gives you the right to use it on your server/network exclusively. Breaking this term will result in your license being permanently terminated.

3. You may not be affiliated with leaking/pirating platforms in any way, this includes being registered, posting leaks, etc. Breaking this term will result in your resource license being permanently revoked.

4. You may not request support for the resource if you do not meet the requirements the resource has in order to properly function. Support will only be given via my discord server for the supported server versions/jars that are specifically mentioned at the top of the resource and the latest available build of the resource and only to verified buyers. Being a buyer of the resource does not give you any right to break rules on the support platform (discord server), rule-breakers will be punished no matter if they have purchased resources or not.

5. The above terms and conditions can change at any time without previous notice.