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Frequently Asked Questions

Create more types of sellwands/chargersโ€‹

  • To create a new item in the plugin, navigate to the items.yml file and find an existing section that's similar to what you want to create. Then, copy-paste the section and make any necessary changes to customize it to your liking.

Sellwands being sold with ShopGUI+โ€‹

  • ShopGUI+ offers an option in the config.yml to skip items that are named etc.

EliteMasks Errorsโ€‹

  • You need to install EliteAPI on your server, having just EliteMasks is not sufficient.

Factions Chest Accessโ€‹

  • Although it might appear to be a problem, the behavior is actually by design. If you'd like players to be able to use their sellwands on enemy territory containers, you'll need to adjust your factions plugin settings to allow them to open these containers. Once that's done, the sell-wand becomes a convenient and fast way to loot the contents of enemy chests.

Disable Stats Trackerโ€‹

  • To disable item stats in the plugin, you can easily toggle the corresponding option in the configuration file. Additionally, you'll need to remove any placeholders for stats from the item's lore.