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Commands & Permissions


๐Ÿ“‹ Aliases: deluxesellwands, /dsw, /sw

  1. /dsw give [user] [amount] [multiplier] [uses] <-s> - Give a sellwand to a user.
  • The [user] argument must be an online player or "@a" (to give everyone online the sellwand).
  • The [amount] argument must be a positive integer.
  • The [multiplier] argument must be a positive double.
  • The [uses] argument must be a positive integer or "infinite" (for infinite uses).
  • The <-s> argument is optional and if used it will silently give the sellwand to the user.
  • Example: /dsw give N0RSKA 1 1.0 100 -s will silently give the user N0RSKA, 1 (one) sellwand with a multiplier of 1.0 and 100 (one hundred) uses.
  1. /dsw reload - Reload the plugin configuration.
  2. /dsw version - View the plugin's version/if updates are available.


  1. dsw.commands - Access to DeluxeSellwand's commands/menu.
  2. dsw.give - Access to /dsw give.
  3. dsw.reload - Access to /dsw reload.
  4. dsw.version - Access to /dsw version.
  5. dsw.use - Ability to use the sellwand in-game.
  6. dsw.inspect - Ability to use the sellwand's inspection feature in-game.
  7.<integer> - Custom taxes for users that have this permission.
  • The <integer> argument must be a positive integer and is a percentage.
  • Example: A user with will get taxed 10% of each sellwand sale.
  1. dsw.hologramtoggle - Access to custom command that toggles holograms

๐Ÿ“ Note: There's a separate wiki section for the taxing feature, check it out!