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Commands & Permissions


📋 /lifestealcore, /lscore, /lsc

📌 The <-s> argument is optional, if used it will not inform the affected user by the command actions.

  • /lsc set [player] [amount] <-s> - Set player's hearts. (Must be within range defined in config)
  • /lsc setmax [player] [amount] <-s> - Set the maximum amount of hearts a player can accumulate.
  • /lsc add [player] [amount] <-s> - Add to player's hearts. (Final amount must be within range defined in config)
  • /lsc remove [player] [amount] <-s> - Remove player hearts. (Must be less or equal than their current hearts)
  • /lsc eliminate [player] <-s> - Eliminate a player. (Ban time depends on the ban profiles in config)
  • /lsc revive [player] <-s> - Revive an eliminated player.
  • /lsc status [player] - View information about a player. (If banned & ban time, hearts amount)
  • /lsc giveitem [player] [item] [amount] <-s> - Give an item to an online player.
  • /lsc togglerevives [true/false] - Toggle beacon activation, if set to false players won't be able to place down beacons.
  • /lsc manualkill [victim] [killer] - Manually fire a kill event.
  • /lsc search [keyword] - Searches log files for the provided keyword. A new file will be generated with all of the found items.
  • /lsc reload - Reload the plugin configuration.
  • /lsc version - View the plugin's version/if updates are available.
  • /lsc debuginfo - View debug information.

Admin Permissions

  • lsc.admin - Access to admin menu/tab-completion.
  • lsc.admin.set - Access to set command.
  • lsc.admin.setmax - Access to setmax command.
  • lsc.admin.add - Access to add command.
  • lsc.admin.remove - Access to remove command.
  • lsc.admin.eliminate - Access to eliminate command.
  • lsc.admin.revive - Access to revive command.
  • lsc.admin.status - Access to status command.
  • lsc.admin.giveitem - Access to giveitem command.
  • lsc.admin.togglerevives - Access to togglerevives command.
  • lsc.admin.manualkill - Access to manualkill command.
  • - Access to search command.
  • lsc.admin.reload - Access to reload command.
  • lsc.admin.version - Access to version command.
  • lsc.admin.debuginfo - Access to debuginfo command.

User Permissions - Usage

  • lsc.user.use.hearts - Access to use hearts.
  • lsc.user.use.effecthearts - Access to use effect hearts.
  • lsc.user.use.beacons - Access to use revive beacons.
  • lsc.user.command.beaconbind - Access to use the bind command on beacons.
  • lsc.user.command.revive - Access to use the revive command if enabled.
  • lsc.user.command.check - Access to use the check command if enabled.

User Permissions - Cooldown Bypass

  • lsc.user.cooldowns.use.hearts - Bypass cooldown to use hearts.
  • lsc.user.cooldowns.use.effecthearts - Bypass cooldown to use effect hearts.
  • lsc.user.cooldowns.use.beacons - Bypass cooldown to use revive beacons.
  • lsc.user.cooldowns.command.revive - Bypass cooldown to use the revive command.