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Commands & Permissions


Admin / Codes

  • /rc new [integer/string]
    • Create a new code using an integer for a random character code or a string for a specific code
  • /rc delete [id]
    • Delete a code
  • /rc info [id]
    • View information about a code
  • /rc addcmd [id] [command]
    • Add a command to be executed upon code redemption (use "{PLAYER}" case-sensitive or PAPI placeholders if installed)
  • /rc delcmd [id] [command id]
    • Delete a command from a code (ID can be found with the info command)
  • /rc secure [id] [player]
    • Secure a code to user(s) for their exclusive redemption
  • /rc unsecure [id] [player]
    • Unsecure a user from a code
  • /rc uses [id] [integer/string]
    • Set uses of a code using a positive integer or "infinite" for unlimited uses
  • /rc bulk [id] [copies]
    • Create copies of a code
  • /rc permbased [id] [boolean]
    • Set the code to require a permission to be redeemed (rc.user.redeem.[code]); boolean is "True" or "False"
  • /rc enabled [id] [boolean]
    • Enable or disable the code; boolean is "True" or "False"
  • /rc expiry [id] [dd/MM/yyyy]
    • Set the expiry of a code using the dd/MM/yyyy format, e.g., 12/12/2022
  • /rc search [keyword]
    • Search all log files for the provided keyword, generating a new file with found items if successful
  • /rc debug
    • Enter debug mode (skips condition checks when redeeming codes, does not deplete uses of a code)

Admin / General

  • /rc help
    • Show the admin menu
  • /rc version
    • Show version/update information
  • /rc reload
    • Reload the plugin configuration files
  • /rc debuginfo
    • View debug information

Admin Permissions

Admin / Codes

  • rc.admin.create
    • Access to create command
  • rc.admin.delete
    • Access to delete command
  • rc.admin.addcmd
    • Access to addcmd command
  • rc.admin.delcmd
    • Access to delcmd command
    • Access to secure command
  • rc.admin.unsecure
    • Access to unsecure command
    • Access to info command
  • rc.admin.uses
    • Access to uses command
  • rc.admin.bulk
    • Access to bulk command
  • rc.admin.permbased
    • Access to permbased command
  • rc.admin.enabled
    • Access to enabled command
  • rc.admin.expiry
    • Access to expiry command
    • Access to search command
  • rc.admin.debug
    • Access to debug command

Admin / General

  • rc.admin
    • Access to admin menu and tab-completion
  • rc.admin.reload
    • Access to reload command
  • rc.admin.version
    • Access to version command
  • rc.admin.debuginfo
    • Access to debuginfo command

User Permissions

  • rc.user.redeem
    • Access to custom redeem command